Corporate Profile

Approach to the environmental protection

Being aware that the earth environment is indispensable to human being, we place the first priority in our management policy to the environmental protection of the earth and our community to be certified according to “ISO 14001” (Environmental Protection). Based on this philosophy, our company is committed to promotion of environmental rotection and enhancement activities in our operation of advanced special steel product manufacturing and aim at gaining eputation of a trustworthy company in the community.

Regional contribution activities

Hitachi Metals Precision is committed to enhancing the beauty of the environment of the entire Nakaumi Sea area as part of its regional contribution activities, and actively participates in Cleanup Yasugi Day, by cleaning the area around Yasugi Factory, Hitachi Metals, Ltd., and roads around the Yasugi Tekko Center.

Basic environmental policy of Yasugi area, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

 Hitachi Metals Group’s basic management philosophy is to contribute to society as a model company.
  Based on this philosophy, the Yasugi Factory of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. and related companies in the Yasugi District position environmental friendliness as a high-priory administrative issue and actively promote conservation of the regional environment to pass on the common property of mankind to succeeding generations in a sound condition.

Environmental policy

 Through our business activities, we contribute to building a society that promotes sustainable development, considering the environmental impacts of the total product life cycle from development, manufacturing, and sales of tools, blades, metal tooling materials, automobile parts materials, electronics materials, and aircraft and energy-related materials to their disposal by customers.
  To achieve this, we have established an environmental management system that is in compliance with ISO14001 and have set environmental targets. We execute and periodically review the following to promote their continuous improvement.

  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations, agreements, voluntary standards, and other requirements agreed by our organization.
  • To reduce environmental loads generated by production activities and prevent environmental pollution, we promote environmentally friendly manufacturing through: (1) energy saving, (2) promoting waste reduction and recycling, and (3) preventing air pollution and water contamination, etc.
  • We contribute to global environmental protection by providing society with environmentally compatible products, focusing on resource saving, energy saving, eliminating hazardous chemical substances, etc.
  • We provide leadership within the local community to actively promote social contribution activities and work with the region.